During this time of caution, I will not be doing retail sales and service of instruments. I do not want to subject instruments to the chemicals used in disinfectants and the closer interaction with customers.

Hopefully we will move beyond this soon.


Is proud to announce the addition of Ohana quality musical instruments. From my research I believe they are some of the best Ukulele on the market within their price point.

They have been really great to work with and I am excited to start getting the products in and get my hands on them.

Rather than try to stock their product line I will have on hand the 4 standard sizes. Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone. They will all have out Pro Level set up and you can try them to see what size suits your needs best. From there I can  help you pick the right instrument based on your budget and expectations.

You can find them at

They have a full range from starter / beginner Ukes to solid wood Limited Edition collections.

All Ukes sold will come with a true set up and the Pro Level set up including mirror polished frets will be available.

Please feel free to call with any questions.

Renaissance Guitar and Ukulele Works is an extension of my love of musical instruments for over 50 years. I've been building custom guitars and bass's out of my shop Renaissance Fine Framing for about 14 years now. Doing set up and tech work for existing customers in the neighborhood and helping them with their instrument questions.

I have focused on solid body building and advanced set ups, and if needed I can refer customers to an excellent Luthier if customers need structural work on acoustic instruments.

I have developed methods for advanced setups including Mirror Polished Fretwork.

This goes well beyond most shops "fret level and dressing".

It does take a lot of time and like anything else time is money, so I offer standard level and dressing as well.

I have recently fallen in love with Ukulele, both the instrument and the culture.

They are amazingly simple but like all instruments the magic is in the details.

What I have found in my own quest has been how poorly most instrument are set up when you get them. Some dealers, distributors and sites  are better than  others and there are a couple that are really good. Even their work can be improved upon because they have to balance quality & time within a given price point. It can take 2-3 hours to do a mirror polish on a Guitar, Bass, or Ukulele.

No one in their right mind would include that in their instruments basic setups.

With that in mind almost any instrument can be improved on with a great setup. The playability, called "Action" effect's how easy the instrument is to play. This is mostly the string height and is adjusted by the nut,  the bridge or saddle height and the truss rod adjustment if one is present.

It does have an effect on sound to some extent, usually the intonation if adjustable, but the real benefit is in how much more enjoyable the instrument is to play.

Now for the excessively anal retentive like myself, having the frets mirror polished looks so damn KOOL and feels amazing.

I've spent my entire adult life woodworking and working on and building everything from Picture Framing, Motorcycles, Cars, and Bicycles to Motorhomes/RV's and Solar. Guitars, Bass's and Drums. 


My gift is learning equipment and materials, I was the Service Manager for Southern Fastener and Tool and worked on every kind of construction tool available.

Rebuilt all the equipment in my framing and wood shops.

I spent years working at Wood Workers Supply working with sawdust makers and wood workers across the country.

My passion is the pursuit of perfection. And in instruments that comes down to tone and playability. Tone can be subjective. Purity of tone isn't.

While I admire thick glossy finish's and how lovely they can make the wood look, they are the enemy of resonance and resonance is what creates that purity of tone.

I could do those, but I won't. I prefer good ol' "Nitro" for my electric builds.

On newer acoustics instruments a thinner gloss "Poly" finish is being used now as well as thin satin finish's.

I am happy to share my $.02 on  Guitar, bass and Ukulele design and construction.

I've been building custom picture frames for almost 20 years and my reputation for quality and attention to detail speaks for itself.

The same goes for my guitar, bass and ukulele work.





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